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Water Sports

Guests at St. George’s are welcome to enjoy a variety of water sports in the warm Caribbean Sea just off the island at no charge. You can go out any time and play as long as you like. We maintain all the equipment – you have all the fun!

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Take off right from our swimming beach and easily paddle the leeward side of the caye over to the mangroves and the ultra-calm “rivers” that separate section of the island. Search out the great herons, frigate birds and white egrets – maybe even spot some nests. Or get adventurous and paddle out toward the reef, stopping for a dip in the warm water. (Single and tandem kayaks available.)

Sail the Caribbean

We maintain three Hobie Cat sailboats for your pleasure. Experienced sailors enjoy visiting the small nearby cayes, even taking lunch (and a few beers) for the journey. The larger boat will accommodate four people, so you can go with friends, or make new friends. It’s easy to learn to sail these boats, so just ask if you would like to try it – our captains will be happy to “teach you the ropes” (no charge) and you will be sailing in no time!

Stand-Up Paddle Boards

Try this fun and popular new sport in the calm waters on the lagoon side of the island, a great way to check out the wildlife both above and below the water. We recently added stand-up paddle boards to our water sports equipment after guest requests - and it's been a fun addition. Paddle boards are a great workout too!


Snorkeling right off the beach is fun and free, including complimentary use of our gear. There are always fish to find around the docks and you can stay close to shore. But for the ultimate snorkeling experience, you can schedule a half-day trip with our professional guides over the coral reef system just minutes from St. George’s. You will find sea life on your own, and our guides will point out varieties of reef fish, rays, eels, conch, and possibly manatees. This is great fun with a group, or just for two! Snorkelers can also sign up to join a full-day guided trip to the Blue Hole and Lighthouse Reef. This is a diver’s mecca, but is also a tropical dream trip for snorkelers.

Swimming in Paradise

Guests at St. George’s Caye Resort enjoy three excellent swimming options
Our sparkling pool is maintained with the perfect water balance to be ready when you are – 24/7. The water is slightly saline which means it stays clean and requires much less chlorine than traditional pools. Swim laps, start a water polo match, or just cool off in the tropical sun.
Our lagoon facing swimming beach allows you to walk right into the sea from your lounge chair. You can swim out into the protected bay of our crescent-shaped island, or paddle around the docks looking for sea life. Dolphins frequent this side of the island an you may even meet a Manatee. Take our complimentary snorkel gear and you will be sure to view juvenile reef fish. Our sands are comprised of finely broken coral making for a solid surface of beautiful white.
On our dock on the windward side of the caye you will find chairs, chaise lounges and hammocks under a thatch-roof palapa and out in the sun. When you get hot, you can walk a few steps to the end of the dock, jump in for a swim in the ocean, then come up the ladder back onto the dock (preferable with a cold beverage waiting for you).